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BAUHAUS Think-Tank at EUR

6 September 2021, you are all invited to witness the impossible: a tank in the centre of the EUR pond in Rome.
BAUHAUS Think-Tank of Guido Iannuzzi from MART Museum of Contemporary Art of Rovereto arrives to this unusual and incredible location for:
– celebrating the principles of Bauhaus, especially those connected to sharing the skills and knowledge and implementing them for community in our century
– remembering, at the same time, man’s atrocities, when he uses the strength and ingenuity against the humanity

Guido Iannuzzi wrote about the genius of Daniel Libeskind for IQD magazine

Bauhaus Think-Tank at MART (Museo di Arte Moderno e Contemporanea) di Trento e Rovereto

From La Stampa



Bauhaus Think-Tank at MAXXI National Museum of 21st Century Arts

3rd Bauhaus Think-Tank stroke again at SPAM Roma 2019 (www.spamroma.com) Festival, at Casa dell’Architettura, Acquario Romano (10 October 2019)

2nd Bauhaus Think-Tank was presented at Crack Festival, at Forte Prenestino, Rome (June 2019)

1st Bauhaus Think-Tank – art & work dedicated to 100 years of Bauhaus: opened in April 2019 in London

ALT-G @ 14th International Biennale Architettura Venezia 2014

Biennale logo

Art Biennale Official vs Art Biennale Off

Preview @Salotto42 of ALT-G project for BiennaleArchitettura 2014

ALT-G is the winner of Mercedes-Benz Italia photo competition

We are happy to win the photo competition organised by Mercedes-Benz Italia.


Kate Moss: Costantinopolis delenda est

Kate is the ultimate weapon: when she arrives to the territory of gentrification, the game is over, there is no hope for resistance to divert the outcome of the battle.

Kisses from Hedy

Enjoy our video dedicated to Hedy Lamarr.
Hedy was an extraordinary woman, actress and inventor of GSM technology. She was a Hollywood star in the 30-50ies, the first one to grace naked on the screen and to be filmed in an orgasm, and was called the most beautiful woman of the XX century.

The Triumph of Consistency: Teofilo Stevenson

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